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Pyro’s point of view  → Reality

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01. Smoke Wisps by mumbling mice

The sniper pinched the cigarette as the spy leaned forward, touching the end of his to the sniper’s and letting it catch fire. 

The peals of smoke that curled from their mouths embraced and danced skyward.

"I don’t get you," the sniper told the spy frankly.

The spy snickered. “What is it about me that you don’t get, mon ami?”

“I don’t get why you like me so much.”

The spy laughed again, louder this time.

"What’s so funny?" the sniper frowned.

"You. You are very funny, Kookaburra.”

(So I’ll be starting a series of TF2 fic recs in the form of mock posters >8O Writers, feel free to ask me to take any of them down. They’ll be sparse and depend on whether I actually get an idea, but here’s the 1st !!! This ol’ classic is why I don’t trust sniperspy. Never trust sniperspy.)

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I love Autumn :3 

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where do the lies end

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here take this gross thing

i LOVE the blutsauger, i feel a lot more confident about going to attack than i ever did with the default syringe gun. plus i feel that i can take better care of my heavy by picking off those grody spies~

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When there are Sentries all over the other team and your Demos still insist on going Demoknight.

( source x )

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びしょっ ぶるっ もふっ どやっ!

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How to Pronounce different objects by Esa Fungtastic

Aww shit this cheered me up. 

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