Yu just got purse-owned

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Part I: Beginnings (2012) Shaft

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Yes, I would like to purchase this birb, please.

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I think the thing I’m most excited for in dancing all night is to see Naoto badly attempt to dress like a hip teen and not an 80 year old man

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Persona 4 The Golden Animation - Episode Costume Themes
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【腐】 || 謡々

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Rise just gave me a bomb and tried to be all flirty about it?

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seriously though i’m gonna be so disappointed if naoto is well dressed and well coordinated in dancing all night 

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those fucking faces anyway love chie reaction to marie telling yu she loves him ahahah

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The Naoto one seemed pretty popular so I did another one per fogfiend's request.

So here we are: One Adachi! Fresh from the trashcan, your smellyness. <3
(don’t ask how he’s holding a gun with no arms he just is)

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